Differences between cbd and marijuana

cbd a marihuana

Perhaps the warning light still flashes in your head and the question arises – 
Is CBD a marijuana derivative?
Are there any side effects associated with using CBD? The answer to both of these questions is simple and sounds –


Cannabis researchers have found in them two main cannabine compounds that act on the human body. These are
THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol).

These substances have the same chemical composition, however their atoms are arranged in different ways. And it is this seemingly small difference that makes the way they work in the human body is quite different.

THC, which has a high concentration in marijuana, has an intoxicating effect that changes perception and its use is associated with a number of side effects.
CBD, on the other hand, has a relaxing, health-promoting and strengthening effect.
In addition, there is another interesting relationship between CBD and THC. Well, CBD minimizes the effects of THC and helps treat the effects of taking this harmful substance.

olejek cbd
olejek cbd

It is also worth noting that

 our medicinal products containing CBD come from legal Polish hemp crops, known as industrial hemp. The THC concentration in plants used for the production of our preparations is subjected to strict control and is not more than 0.2%, which in comparison with the 5% or 10% concentration of beneficial CBD, is an absolutely trace and harmless amount.


In summary, taking  CBD Oil  from hemp is absolutely safe. The improvement in mood that results from taking CBD oil is a sign that our body is “back on track,” self-regulating and calming down. Taking CBD oil relaxes, reduces stress, significantly improves the functioning of our cannabinoid system and does not cause hallucinations, so you can safely give it to people of all ages.

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